Research project «A new therapeutic targey in eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE)»

Eosinophilic esophagitis is an orphan disease, without maintenance treatment. Those affected by this disease have a chance through science.

The current therapeutic arsenal for eosinophilic esophagitis is very limited. Although there are treatments capable of making symptoms disappear when they occur, they reappear very quickly when their administration is suppressed. The new drugs currently in studies do not overcome the limitations of current treatments. The objective of the study is to demonstrate the effectiveness of a new treatment to keep the disease inactive both from the clinical point of view and from lesions of the esophagus.

This study, directed by Dr. Alfredo Lucendo – a world reference for EoE – is carried out at the Tomelloso General Hospital (Ciudad Real), which is the international reference center in the study and treatment of this disease.

The total budget for the research project is € 57,000 and includes diagnostic tests, recurring project expenses, patient travel and molecular reagents.

Dr. Alfredo Lucendo

Dr. Alfredo Lucendo. Head Researcher

Research team

  • Alfredo J. Lucendo. Doctor of Medicine, specialist in Digestive System
  • Jesús González Cervera. Doctor of Medicine, specialist in Allergology
  • José María Olalla Gallardo, Bachelor Degree Of Medicine, specialist in Pathological Anatomy
  • Tomás Sánchez. Doctor of Pharmacy, specialist in Hospital Pharmacy
  • Natalia Serrano Moya. Graduated in Nursing, Digestive Endoscopy Unit
  • Carmen Alcolea Valero. Diploma in Nursing, Digestive Endoscopy Unit
  • Ángel Arias Arias. Doctor in Biology. Research Unit
  • Laura Arias González. Ph.D. in Biology, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Emilio J. Laserna Mendieta. Doctor in Biochemistry, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Pilar Navarro Sánchez. PhD in Biology, postdoctoral researcher

Study design

A group of patients with active eosinophilic esophagitis will be treated with the usual treatment.

Once the disease is in remission (“inactivated”), they will receive the new product over a prolonged period of clinical, endoscopic, histological and molecular observation, the cellular and molecular factors that lead to the maintenance of remission of the disease will be analyzed. disease or the appearance of relapses, focusing on aspects that until now have been overlooked by previous research.

Each patient will be followed for 6 months, carrying out controls during visits to the hospital and taking samples (the most relevant for the study will be biopsies of the esophagus).

The investigation will be carried out at the General Hospital of Tomelloso


With these samples, a series of molecular tests will be carried out to determine the mechanisms involved in the inactivation and activation of the disease and the effects of this product on them.

Since several patients will be studied, the results will be analyzed in order to find out which mechanisms are shared or individual in each person.

This will define potential new therapeutic targets that can be modulated with treatments never used in this disease and that also have a very low incidence of short- and long-term side effects.

The success of this project can lead to an important turnaround in the treatment of the disease that concerns us and that we, our children or close family members suffer, as it would allow the design of an effective treatment, possibly personalized, for those affected by the disease, without need to take corticosteroids and or to maintain restrictive diets, so that it would not affect the quality of life.

The initiative of this crowdfunding arises as the need to mobilize and increase the economic resources available to finance this scientific research project.

Asociación Española de Esofagitis Eosinofílica

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