Campaign objectives

100% funded
Hey! We've raised €59.505,00 of the €57.000,00 we are trying to raise for this campaign!


  • Colaborate with
    5-19 €
    Thanks for helping us! We will send you a personalized thank you letter
  • Collaborate with
    You will be a “Friend of AEDESEO” and your name will appear on our website, if you wish, and we will send you our story El detective endoscopio in pdf. Plus the above
  • Colaborate with
    Mention as a donor (if you wish) on the project website. AEDESEO patron merchandising item

    Plus the above

  • Colaborate with
    Visit to the Hospital General de Tomelloso laboratory or virtual meeting with the research team.

    Plus the above

  • Other collaborations
    Donations are open. If you want to collaborate with more than € 1,000 and you let us know, we would like to meet you and name you MECENSE of the project if you wish.

    Plus the above

(*) The rewards will be given at the end of the campaign

We need to find a treatment that allows the disease to be kept under control for long periods of time and that does not have side effects and avoids suffering for patients.

Help us to get it!

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